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UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo World Series 2021 Breathtaking

August 2, 2023
UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo World Series 2021 Breathtaking

UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo Antalya International Cycling Race, organized by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and whose destination partner is the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), witnessed great excitement with 561 cyclists from 22 countries. The excitement started with the time trial on November 19, and ended on Sunday, November 21 with the long track and short track stages. Athletes who finished the long track race in the 20% range were entitled to participate in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series Final (World Championship).


Great Thrill Against Time


In the men's general classification, Dmitry Murashko took first place. Sergei Serdiuk took second place, and Jiri Belfin came third in the time trial where the participants started alone and those who completed the determined distance in the fastest way were rewarded. In the same category, the women's general classification winner was Charlotte Buchanan, while Rub Altmann was second and Natalie Laverack was third.


Turkish Athletes Marked The Short Course


The struggle in the 70-kilometre short track race held on Sunday, November 21st was breathtaking. Ayhan Oksak came first in the short course, in which 321 athletes competed, while Turgay Germen came in second and Ferhat Çetin came in third. In the women's category of the same track, Meltem Kılıç finished first, Kateryna Zamyslova second, and Züleyha Dikbaş third.


Gökhan Uzuntaş Won the Long Course


A total of 240 athletes competed in the 100-kilometre-long track race, which started in front of the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel.

In the men's general classification, Gökhan Uzuntaş came first, Yevhen Filin finished second and Dmitry Murasko third. In the long track women's general classification, Charlotte Buchanan came in first, İpek Öztosun came in second and Arzu Sağnak came in third.


In the para-cycling race that removes the borders, Barış Asa left his rivals behind and finished the race in the first place, while Fırat Uğur took second place and Mustafa Sağlam became the third.


Antalya Will Have a Voice in Cycling Tourism


The top athletes were rewarded at the ceremony. Nirvana Hotels' CEO Korhan Alşan stated that they expect Antalya to make a significant development in bicycle tourism within five years and that they will continue to support bicycle sports in this process. Reminding that Antalya is a center of attraction for its geographical and natural beauties, Alşan said that they will continue to invest in sports and athletes to make the city more attractive with alternative tourism movements.


“Antalya Can Host 3.200 Cyclists”


UCI Gran Fondo Secretary General Erwin Vervecken stated that Antalya is a great choice for the organization: “You can easily fly to the city from many countries. In addition, the nature, climate and historical beauties of the city are worth seeing. Participants can evaluate the bicycle race and the holiday together. A significant number of participants were reached for the first year, and the number of participants will continue to increase each year. Gran Fondo has an average of 3,200 participants in countries where the organization is held regularly. Antalya can easily reach this figure in a few years.” said.


Have a 1.5 Meter Share in My Life


In the organization that took place between 18-21 November, the "Have a share of 1.5 meters in my life" was used to increase the awareness of cyclists in traffic. The slogan was also greatly appreciated. While the fair and event area established for UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo Antalya attracted great attention, the participants had a pleasant Sunday with activities that continued throughout the day.

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