The tracks of international excitement invite you to explore, push your limits and collect memories full of new excitement.


Held in Antalya between 16-19 November, T.C. I voluntarily participate in the International Cycling tournament UCI NIRVANA GRAN FONDO WORLD SERIES ANTALYA races and events, which are allowed by the Cycling Federation and jointly organized by UCI International Cycling Union, Mooves Event.

I know that those under the age of 18 can participate in the events with the waiver of the Parent's Permission (Mandatory), I am attaching my document or I declare that I have completed the age of 18. I have knowledge and experience about the risks involved in cycling races and other activities. I accept that the risks in bicycle races and extreme sports cannot be completely eliminated, that there is limited first aid service, and that I must fully comply with the rules announced by the organization in order to maximize safety. On behalf of myself and my heirs, managers, personal and legal representatives, I declare that the organizers, persons in charge of the organization, sponsors will not be held responsible for any injury or damage that may occur to me before and after the competitions, during the activities, and that all kinds of responsibility belong to me. I declare that I have no medical disability to participate in these activities and that I am completely healthy and adequate physically and psychologically.

I consent to the legal use of all kinds of photographs, films and recordings related to the events, including advertising. Since the organization will be held in public places, I accept that as a participant, I am obliged to comply with the general rules of society. I know and accept that it is forbidden to act outside the organization rules, to enter the terrain outside the track, to harm the life and property of third parties or institutions during races and events, and otherwise, all kinds of responsibilities belong to me. I declare that I will deliver the tracking chip delivered to me by the organization to the organization company at the end of the race. If I do not deliver, I accept that I will pay 150 euros to the organization company. 

I accept and declare that if I do not participate in the organization for any reason after registering to participate in the organization. I will not claim my rights obtained with this registration and that I know the rules of the event.

I accept and declare that I have read this text and participated in the event knowing and accepting all the rules.